Mountain View Smart Contracts is a cooperative research group, established in April 2016, in Mountain View, CA.

We study smart contracts and systems level design using blockchain technology. Rich Bodo is the current principal and lead designer of our projects to date.

Our recent activities:

In late 2016 and early 2017, we designed, built, and supported the deployment of the World Food Programmes building blocks prototype before handing it off to a much more capable team. Video. The repo for that one is private, but the project is ongoing within the WFP.
In 2017 we conducted research into creating new connections between peer-production and markets. This work is sponsored, in part, by Mozilla. The Repo is active and research is ongoing.
In 2018 we are designing and implementing a prototype marketplace for the space industry with SpaceBase.

Very occasionally, we may share our experiences here - Coding With Gas

Smart Contracts: The Working Parts

The State of Smart Contract Development

In this series, we survey a reliable set of tools and techniques for smart contract development. Each installement of the series will have all tutorial steps tested, before it is published. Expect an update after the first TruffleCon.

Image above:United California Bank New Industrial Office Opening July 9, 1971 Copyright Mountain View Public Library - all rights reserved. Permission to use here granted by the Mountain View Public Library